Visiting Ryde Park: Tips and Things to Do

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Ryde Park, a short walk from Top Ryde City and just 20 minutes from Parramatta CBD or Ermington, is a local favorite. You will find beautiful manicured gardens, a basketball court, shelters, and a few other sports fields.

It is located at the corner of Blaxland Road & Argyle Ave. This is behind Ryde Bowling Club, on one of the old bowling courts. There is also free parking on site (restricted only to 4 hours) just behind the Argyle Center, near the scooter track and fenced dog off area.

Ryde Park is a popular spot for sports in a natural setting in Ryde, NSW. It has a playground with a cafe and a basketball court. It can be used for events, and hosts many major Council events such as Community Christmas celebrations.

Ryde Park is loved by locals and families from the surrounding areas. It has a cafe, playground and lovely gardens. There is also a fenced bike/ scooter track.

Traffic lights, parking bays and roundabouts are all part of the bike track. It’s also fully fenced with gated entrances at both the carpark and park entry points. Around the track, there are three picnic tables with shade umbrellas. There are many young trees that will provide shade for sunny days in the future.

This part of Ryde Park also has a fenced off-leash area for dogs, as well as landscaped gardens, drinking fountains, and a relaxing picnic area. Two small shelters are located near the grassy area adjacent to the basketball courts. There are a few benches throughout the park.

Ryde Park is a great place to play. The park has plenty of space for children and a cafe right next door. The Sotto on Ryde Cafe is open from 7 am to 5 pm daily. Just outside the playground area is a sandpit

The Rotunda is an important part of Ryde’s history. The Rotunda is approximately 70 years old, and was restored by Ryde Council. It’s a great focal point in the park.

Ryde Park boasts two large sports fields. The first is a large, fenced field. The other is a rectangular field. These fields are often used by fitness instructors and sports groups in the mornings, evenings, and weekends.

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